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March 25th, 2012, 11:03
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I'm sure there are plenty of "volunteers" in North Korea. What part of freedom don't you understand?
I think you'd be surprised how many would want an alternative. However, I know it's helpful for the prejudicial brain to think of North Korea as some kind of evil hive mind - because of what their leaders are doing. To someone like me, it's just a physical location with human beings having rules and traditions they follow because they don't think there's any other way. Human beings are the same at the core everywhere.

But if there were no volunteers from there, so what? It's the very definition of freedom to have the choice. I'm actually suggesting one more choice - that anyone could take or leave - as long as they're willing to exist under the set circumstances. There may have to be an initial limit on the amount - based on physical space and many other factors. But I'd expect the people interested initially would be relatively few. One of the greater challenges would be how to establish that the people interested truly understood the implications - and truly wanted to live like that. I would expect a lot of people without means to volunteer simply because it'd be a way to get away from the current world.

As I said, this idea would face an endless wave of ignorant opposition. That's something the people willing to try would have to accept and deal with as best they can.
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