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March 25th, 2012, 12:00
Remember my above post about the Lammannia U13 Patch 1 notes :

The creatures which are announced there are now officially announced for the DDO shop :

Personally, I find the "Cranium Rat" a bit too dark, and the mask of the Kobold much too big … But anyway I'm glad that there are a few more creatures out there at all !

(Although I must admit that I'm still a bit jealous about that tiny panther companion … It just looks too cute ! )

I think if I find a companion creature there which evokes my interest, then I might perhaps buy it one day, too.

My only fear is right now that the servers might go down because of too many of them roaming the streats of Stormreach !

P.S. : The "Tomes Of Learning" are there as kinds of upgrades ? in the shop until March, 29th, too,
and, if I have understood this correctly, they are currently 50 % off.

+3 Tomes are there in the shop as well, the site says.
Same time period, but no discounts.

Edit : Seems Guild Ship companion Sully van Grog has another profession, too :

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