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April 10th, 2012, 03:21
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I think it all comes back to same issue: sales/numbers. 3D graphic is a BIG thing in game market now days, so I don't think 2D pixelated Infinity Engine will appeal to general public/newer generation gamers. Also, probably will be available in PC only, ignoring other console platforms. (Unless, you meant no one picked up IE back in 2000-2003).

Anyway, back to DA series. What I really hated about DA2 was that DA1 and DA2 seem completely different game. Different engine, graphics, protagonist, area… just didn't feel that DA2 is sequel to DA:O. Also, like elikal mentioned previously, Hawke/protagonist's role was not important at all.
Yes I meant no one picked up IE back in 2000-2003, Almost 10 years and nothing was done with it. Bioware made the aurora engine and a few others that are now discontinued also.

Seems its all about voice overs/cut scenes/ and hi def graphics. Along with the usual excuses why its not feasible.

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