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April 14th, 2012, 14:57
Quicksave is an obvious oversight, and they should implement it as quickly as they can.

The main issue with manual saving is that you need 3 clicks to actually save your game. It's annoying.

The game is really good and well thought out - but there are a few minor issues, like the inability to close the character screen through an obvious shortcut - which is vital mid-fight. Also, they need to show food status in the character portraits. I'd also like more detail on the map - once you've located/interacted with stuff.

I'd really like an option to disable "glide" movement, as I find it slow and somewhat clunky.

Nitpicks, yeah - but still.

As for the overall experience, I'm truly surprised how well it plays - all things considered. It's almost a carbon copy of Dungeon Master - just with another dungeon and upgraded visuals. Just goes to show how ahead of its time that game was.

However, I do find they overdid it with the puzzles. They start out great - but after playing for 2.5 hours, I'm starting to feel like I'm playing Portal. I hope they change it up a bit later on, because I'm not a big fan of constant puzzle solving. More story and exploration would be better. The amount of combat, however, is PERFECT.
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