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May 4th, 2012, 17:24
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Any source on that?
Well there's wookiepedia……Old_Republic_3

The concept art for the game as well as interviews with one of the artsists and the lead designer.…/dp/0811861848

Unfortunately the original source on all this information is a book - which is of course not availible in preview mode through goodle. In the he designer and the concept art is in book too. It sounds like they were in the pre-production process as they were working were relatively early in - since they started this pre-prudction before KOTOR 2 was even out yet. I suppose that made them an easier project to cut too since they were so early on.

They cancelled it when they laid off about half their work force and consoilidated to teams on other projects (Battlefront and a few others I think.)
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