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Default Need help to build good, quiet, gaming system

May 5th, 2012, 22:16
Thanks again. I don't think my system needs to be quite as silent as yours, RPGfool. It may also help that I am actually slightly hearing impaired at high frequencies.
Also, unfortunately (best supplier that I know here) also doesn't have most of the components you listed, e.g. the cougar fans or the coolermaster Evo. And newegg is not an option here. Also I don't want to modify components, that, I feel, is a bit beyond my comfort zone. Building a PC is already adrenaline-inducing enough for me.
So I think I'll go with stock components but just pay attention to get (relatively) silent ones. Still, thanks for the insight on what's possible - I'll keep it in mind if I am still unhappy with the noise from the new build.

Edit: Also, I ordered the system now. Thanks again for your help, I feel confident I have got good components in the list now. I am looking forward to putting the new box together!
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