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May 11th, 2012, 17:44
Huh ?! are you sure you copy pasted (and replaced everything on the original file) correctly ? is the original ini (the insane one) working ? I suspect a special character or another error in the text file…

The second one is even more weird… When you say no ingame text you mean the dialog options ?

You can take screenshots by setting testmode=true on the ini and pressing F1 in game or use fraps…

Whatever the case the values changed in the ini I posted from the default one are:

DistanceLow.fFarClippingPlaneLowPolyMesh_High=2500 00.0
ObjectDetails.fScreenObjectDistanceCulling_VeryHig h=0.000001
ObjectDetails.fProcessingRangeFadeOutRange_VeryHig h=50.0
ObjectDetails.fRangedBaseLoDOffset_VeryHigh=20000. 0

pretty much the same ones I changed in the one of which the screens I posted… You can try replacing them by hand in a copy of the original 1.75 ini…

EDIT: Yep that's it, notice the spaces between the zeros on the values above. Damn copy paste from a MacBook apparently… Sorry about that…
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