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May 12th, 2012, 01:14
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We've established may times that you have trouble with the whole counting thing, but you do understand that, at least until the American people voice their opinions on failed democrat policies in 2012, democrats control half of congress, right? Kinda hard for those evil republicans to do their dastardly deeds when the white knights with D's behind their name have control, doncha think? Or do you doubt the holiness of your congressional white knights as well, knowing that such doubt would make your singling out of republicans for black hats decidedly empty?
Actually, although the Democrats control the Senate, they can't do anything because they can't overcome the supermajority the Republicans are forcing on every vote. It's hard enough these days to get Democrats to vote as a block (You posted near the start of this thread about the umbrella aspect of both parties), without having to peel off enough Republicans to reach the 60 votes required for closure.
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