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May 24th, 2012, 23:10
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it was the form of a "guaranteed loan" even

the situation had its critics then with fellow Republicans who believe it would have been better to distribute the $75m to a number of small businesses

I'm not sure its cronyism IMO as much as a handshake deal to try inject some cash to create an industry.

interesting to hear local reporters/tax payers shout at him to man up - they are suggesting he make the payments out of his own pocket.

Poor management and the inability to make payroll is Schilling's fault at the company, but its the governor's fault for making the risky loan.
First I said that I can see how this could look like cronyism, not that this was the entire Republican party (I intentionally avoided using party names because they're secondary to this story) actively pursuing something.

I didn't say anything about the political parties because this was more the personal political agenda of the former governor than something that came from within the party. The story surrounding how this deal came about does look and sound quite a bit like cronyism - political favoritism towards friends in this case. I think perhaps people presume that always carries a worse sounding meaning than it actually does - it does not necessarily imply something like outright corruption but (in this case) more of an issue of judgement.

That personal attachment had very little to do directly with other members of the Republican party so I'm not sure how either democrats or some fellow republicans opposing the bill in anyway suggests that the former governor was not supplanting desire to help a guy he liked in place of better judgment. So don't worry, saying that I can understand how some people could say this looks like cronyism is not an attack on the Republican party.

Also in this particular case it's important to note the funds were not provided for the sake of creating the company, but rather as an incentive to move the HQ to another state. 38 studios had been going for quite some time before this (in 2009 Curt Schilling cited his focus on 38 studios as one of the reasons he would not be running for Ted Kennedy's old senate seat.) I don't doubt the Governor was well meaning, but he did forsake better judgement (demonstrated by some other members of his own party despite pressure he put on pushing the deal through) for the sake of someone he viewed as a friend and whom he may have be star-struck by. This is not a particularly unusual phenomenon in democracies of course, but that does not mean these sorts of things aren't mistakes at the expense of the constituency.
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