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May 24th, 2012, 23:36
don't disagree with you - I was commenting on the radio report I heard.

I'm also not commenting on Republicans in general (and I generally vote republican) as I think it clearly reflects clearly this isn't systematic but a disaster put upon by the individuals involved.

The governor's motivation was to try to lure high tech (gaming) companies to the area. It reminds of commercials during Pittsburgh Penguins games trying to keep young high tech professionals from moving to California from Pennsylvania: problem with the ad is the area didn't have any actual jobs.

Canada's efforts to become Hollywood North in Toronto, and especially in Vancouver, through incentives such as tax breaks happened gradually over time so it built an infrastructure of studios, etc. and a culture that got used to the new industry.

Sudden infusions of a single company or cash show poor planning - this was like trying to fix your economy by approving a casino in the area - but more risky, and it least it won't have the consequences.

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