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May 25th, 2012, 07:28
Good ol Chien, always going on and on about those dastardly developpppppers, lol

I actually have grown to love the always online-DRM thing for DIII. It was a pain in the ass the first couple days when literally millions of people were flocking to flood BLizzard with cyber cash, but then it settled down and has since been smooth as silk. I love all the doomsayers, thanking me (by the way, youre welcome!) for helping to usher in a whole new era of DRM Nazis From Hell. Just the drama alone is worth it, I'm starting to like all the negative attention that us bad-boys and girls are getting for simply buying a game that we wanted to play. Are you really that fumed up at me Couch Potato? Will you ever forgive the dastardly developpppppers, chienaboyer?

What do you RPG Puritans want to do with a pretty action-RPG anyway, arent you supposed to be playing some shitty Spiderweb game or Fallout for the hundredth time? Why are you even worried about new games at all?

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