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May 30th, 2012, 19:13
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In fact, I'm getting sick of the attitude of RPG's have to the natural world.
I know people will say, 'it's just a game' but it just seems such a limited and archaic vision.
There's got to be a better way - essentially, I'm sick of slaughtering animals to level up and it seems to me another instance where the traditional open-world formula needs to evolve.
(Perhaps it's as simple as differentiating between natural animals and monsters and handling rewards based on the difference)
I second that, wholeheartedly!
I remember playing my first RPG, Gothic 2, and I had to kill a wolf - o horror! Wolves are rare in my country, extinct. My stomach ached, it took ten more dead wolves before I had convinced myself it was all a game and the ache disappeared.
(Scavengers and orcs were easy, much more fun for they're not real.)

Thanks for your interesting review. I'm a PB fan but did not have any time to play Risen 2. In fact I have been so busy that the news that it could be played, that it could be bought, only reached me today .

While reading this thread the idea came to me of buying Risen 2 and playing it this very evening. But after having read your post, Madjack, I think I'll pass for now and wait until prices drop. I shall buy and I shall play, definitely, for it's still a PB game and I am curious, but I am not eager anymore. I'll probably wait till fall, after the console version is presented - then Risen 2 PC version might be a bargain, and considering a lower price, more worthwhile.

Thanks all, I enjoyed reading your remarks and reviews.

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