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June 15th, 2012, 19:31
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What he said is that pepole who's been properly raised aren't a danger to anyone, even if they have guns. Which means that pepole are a danger to others if they have access to guns even though they haven't been taught how to handle them.
Never said they weren't a danger to anyone. The whole point of carrying a gun is to be dangerous. Dangerous people tend to get ignored by predators. Occasionally they even thin out the predators.

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Since the remark was an argument in favor of guns being legal I assume the logic is that since pepole are properly raised they won't cause any problems even though they have access to guns. I guestioned the wisdom of assuming pepole are properly raised.
The remark was actually refuting the implication that only nutjobs would let children anywhere near guns. If we want to talk why guns, in general, should be legal then I have a whole other sermon prepared

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When I read interaction design I heard a saying: "The best error handling mechanism there is is to ensure no errors occur in the first place". If you live in a society there's going to be pepole around you. If you want to minimize the risk of getting shot you should minimize the pool of potential shooters amongst those pepole. Making it really hard for pepole who haven't been taught how to handle a gun to obtain a gun is one step that works in that respect.

Another step is to invest in education for everyone. Because criminals (especially violent criminals) tend to be uneducated pepole, due to having grown up with poorly educated parents and going to schools with little in the way of resources.

But if you want to bet on you being able to do a better job than you and the rest of society together then go ahead.

If minimizing personal risk is your only goal then everything you said is spot on. My own personal safety/well being has never been and never will be my top priority. I feel sorry for people that feel it is.
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