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June 16th, 2012, 22:31
I could agree with you if that's what she said. But it's not. This is what she said (in Norwegian)

"Jeg vil understreke at det isolere seg p et rom og spille dataspill, uansett hva man kaller det, ikke er det samme som ha en vanlig funksjon for en mann midt i 20-rene"

The underlined text is what's important, which translates "to isolate oneself in a room playing computer games", which is very different from "sitting alone in your room playing games". She said this in response to a question about whether he could be addicted to gaming. It's one tiny part of a whole day spent answeriing questions from several lawyers in court.

The context is that he had moved back to his mother, stopped working, spent a whole year in isolation, seeing nobody, not even his mother, and playing games a lot. They see this as one part among several others, of a downward spiral compatible with a developing schizophrenia. Furthermore, they haven't been particularly concerned about his gaming per se, their main interest has been trying to understand what's been going on in his mind, and in this respect the important issue was him isolating himself.

So, actually, it was not about the danger of computer gaming, and in particular not about wow being a cause of his actions.

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