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June 16th, 2012, 22:45
The last bit means that she (Synne Srheim is female) wasn't particularly interested in his gaming per se. In fact quite a lot of the questions they got that day was about why they hadn't payed more attention to ideology, to politics, to terrorism in general and what not. They replied again and again that they were psychiatrists, and had concentrated their work on the things they knew as professionals, and would not go beyond that.

They have been critisised for being too narrow-minded, that they should have considered these other things when evaluating the symptoms. I share some of those cristisizms, although I'm no pshychiatrist (However, psychiatry was one of the subjects where I got a top score back in med school. Which doesn't mean a thing, except giving me an opportunity to brag. *cough, cough*)

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