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June 29th, 2012, 14:35
You're right, it is a symptom. The first pair of psychiatrists who evaluated him saw it as a syign of schizophraenia, which may be correct. However, a schizophraenia diagnosis requires more than that, and most critics say that there are too many signs speaking against (correct English?) the big S.

Personally, closer than you perhaps, but still very far from being an expert, I think he's not psychotic. But still a very sick man, narsisistic and what we used to call a psychopath which does not make him insane and as such he can be sentenced to prison, probably in the form of "forvaring" (custody), which may keep him incarcerated for an unspecified time, even the rest of his life. Depending on how long he's considered dangerous.

The prosecutors asked for him being considerd criminally insane and commited to s psychiatric secure unit. They said they could not be certain of his sanity, and therefore by law had to go for an insanity sentence (they have to prove he is sane, it's not the other way around). But they expressed serious doubts, and more or less left it to the judge.

Breivik himself wants to be considered sane and sentenced to jail, if not he'll appeal. A bit unusual, but it has happened before.


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