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June 29th, 2012, 16:49
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Going from isolation to schizophrenia is quite a leap, that's for sure
It wasn't the only symptom they found, of course. But the critics interprete some of these signs differently, and claim that other "features" exclude schizophrenia.
I agree with that assessment. He's clearly not big on empathy - and he's also overly fond of his own character. I wouldn't rule out some kind of psychotic episode triggering some of his decisions, as it seems too extreme for a person with a good grasp on reality. It strikes me as some kind of paranoid delusion - and that's not uncommon in a schizophrenic.
You're quite right. If it is a schizophrenia, then it's a paranoid schizophrenia. Another possibility, suggested by some is a paranoid psychosis, a delusional syndrome without schizophrenia. But most psychiatrist/psychologists/psychiatric nurses that have observed him thinks he's not psychotic at all.
But we're dealing with a very rare case, and it's not impossible to imagine there's something in his character that we've yet to really understand.
Indeed, I wouldn't pin much hope on the experts of modern psychology.
Can't say I share the sceptisism, but as you know, I'm somewhat gullible.

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