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July 11th, 2012, 02:10
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I find that most people that don't have a passion for their work end up not being overly successful at it. It's hard to hate what you do and be great at it.
That might not be the work that they are doing, but rather the people they are doing the work for. I worked at a place one time where all the Regional manager cared about were his managers. Could care less for the people who were actually doing all the work. He rewarded the managers, who already make more money for not working, who met their sales goals with a seven day cruise. The reward for those of us who had to do all the work to begin with?? I had to do my job PLUS the managers job. And he couldnt figure out why I was upset. When I told him why I was upset his response? You'll get over it. I told him he was right, i would. But not here. I resigned on the spot. I had another job 1 hour later. And all the customers who were seeing me at that shop came with me. He called me about a month later begging me to come back. I told him i wouldn't but he would get over it.

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