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July 12th, 2012, 15:51
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No, I go even much further and tend to believe nowadays that excessive Fandom can become fanatical as well. Just look at european football/soccer fan groups, the "Ultras".

I read an interview with a scientist specilizing in social sciences on these fan groups (especially on the "Ultras", and I found strikung similarities o excessive Fandom in video gaming. Like in "fans know better what' good for their soccer team/video game than the developers/players themselves".

These are equivalent to the group called "vocal minority", and this group almost exclusively consists of too loud fans.

And Taliban imho are so to say "fans" of their holy book.
They are, from a certain point of view, a "vocal minority" as well.

So, in my opinion, *any* excessive clinging to something *automatically* leads to fanatism. No matter which topic, object, or whatever.
I am reading about this right now, especially the difference between fundamentalists and freedom fighters.

The first difference between them is that the ones you speak about want to protect their turf while the ones I speak about wish to conquer the world, thus they are willing to go to war. They see themselves as warriors of a divine force which is above everything on the planet, cultures, borders, secular states etc.

The second difference between them is that the ones you speak about go with their preferences and wish to protect that, the ones i speak about go with the doctrine which is believed to be the greater good, regardless what peoples preference might be. Fundamentalism reject all notions of trying to use emotions, empathy and reason to determine good and treat such influences as corrupt and misguiding. They do not protect something because they like it, they protect something because they are convinced it's for the ultimate good and reject both feelings and doubts as misguidance or the great satan.

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