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July 13th, 2012, 13:22
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• Younger children spend more time staring at different races from their own when presented with photographs
• Toddlers notice race more than gender
• Kids pick out friends based on skin color
• Kids’ brains categorize world and assume people that look like them are more similar to them
None of these are racist.

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• Conversations about race are difficult for parents
Depends on the parent.

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• Why point race out if it doesn’t matter? (Everyone is equal) But science says in absence of communication, kids will make errors.
Because we note differences. Any stark difference will be noted, including hair color, outstanding birthmarks and glasses. When we are young we spot differences all the time. In time we learn that most differences we spot aren't important and thus we ignore them.

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• Self-segregation at schools goes up as school diversity goes up
What categories people categorize themselves to are different in each person. Some sort by gender, others by race, but most sort themselves on interests and hobbies.

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points ripped from:….11/racism.html

So what do you think about parents teaching their kids and when is it too much? Is it the same as sexism to some extent? I assume so.
Teaching a child to disregard from meaningless attributes is part of a good upbringing as it helps the child to form better judgements. It's also neccessary for the modern society to function as racism is deviant and dysfunctional.

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