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July 13th, 2012, 14:04
The standards in the OP are the same as when it comes to RPGs. The two might be connected.

What is the link between most of the behaviours as they are depicted and racism?

This is more things of those newly built countries, 18th, 19th built countries that included racism as a very important factor in their society development.
In older countries, too much contradictory evidences.

Racism in those countries was much more important than cultural differences and it sticks.

For example, in France, kids would pick up friends from similar background. It could mean that kids from a same region would pick other kids from the same region as friends. How a kid from Paris choosing a kid from Paris over a kid from Toulouse is racism?

Even more, as there were rural migration, kids whose grand parents moved to a big city would choose to hang around with kids from the same region.

For example, at start of the 20th century, bretons migrated to Paris.

And when put together, kids who are growing up in Brittany right now, prefer to hang out with other kids growing up in Brittany right now, while kids with a breton ancestry who are growing in Paris prefer to hang with kids with a breton ancestry growing up in Paris.

How can it be connected with racism?

The OP conclusions are the results of the very fact that for those newly built countries, racism has been a prevailing structuring force over other some other possible structuring forces.
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