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July 13th, 2012, 14:07
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The problem with racism i think has to do with how we evolved as a species. Evolutionists theorize that we evolved in small bands of hunter-gatherers(tribes) with a strong cohesion within the group and an equally strong enmity to anyone outside it. With our fellow in-group members we are often cooperative and altruistic. Unfortunately the downside to this pro-social bonding is that we are also quite tribal and xenophobic to out-group members.
Even in todays society we usually see the less evolved individuals join tribes in the form of gangs, cults and various religious or psudo political institutions wich all too commonly "keep to their own kind".
This natural tendency to sort people into Within-Group=Good and outside-Group=Bad is shaped by culture and possibly genetic memory so that everyone implicitly accepts the cultural association, which includes additional prejudices.
The less someone resembles those of your in-group the more hostile you are programmed to react.
Most people do not consider themselves racist and it is accepted that you'd have to be insane, intoxicated or otherwise mentally impaired to publicly utter racist remarks in today's society.
However a test developed by Harward scientists called the Implicid Association Test, which asks subjects to pair words and concepts indicates that unconsciously most of us are infact racist.
(Link to said test:
I believe it is simply part of our genetic makeup to instinctively view anyone different as a potential threat and a good upbringing is required to rectify that.
Xenophobia, ethnocentrism are not racism.

Even though it has to be connected with the RPG definition situation, when everything and anything has to a RPG. So everything and anything can be racism.
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