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Default Racism is natural, anti racism is not

July 13th, 2012, 14:42
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As for the Australian Aborigines Damian - I wouldn't want people living next to me who trash their house and yell all night long either (and oh my can they yell!), but you have to admit that as a Country we have treated Aboriginals horribly. And we're still doing it! It's easy to say "Stay in school. Stop abusing alcohol. Get yourself a job". But the average Australian is born into a world where alcohol abuse, etc is unacceptable. For some people it's all they've ever known.
Yes I agree. We introduced them to alcohol, they need government intervention ot get their kids out of the habit of that behaviour. But our government doesnt have the balls to say "we screwed you over so we want to make sure kids dont grow up messed up like you did".
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