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July 13th, 2012, 15:21
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Most do not but those who do believe everybody does it. People are evolved to react to stark differences in appearances but that doesn't transit to racism that requires much much more in the interpretion and classification of such differences, including seeing some differences as relevant. One of the reasons I study what I study (discrimination/extremism) is based on me having strong difficulties to grasp the categories some people use the way they use it. I am also pretty much retarded at classifying peoples "race" or etnicity based on appearances.
JemyM my friend you need to work on your communication skills, I never can quite understand what you're getting at. But I'm guessing you think most people aren't racist - really? Not even a little bit? Some are more honest with themselves with others I guess.

And as for you ChienAboyeur! Newly built countries are more racist you say? The Chinese are pretty damn racist and they've been around a while.

I'm not here saying racism is OK, but like all ugly / silly human behavior (lying, hypocrisy, watching reality TV), we need to accept it and control it.
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