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July 13th, 2012, 15:44
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And as for you ChienAboyeur! Newly built countries are more racist you say? The Chinese are pretty damn racist and they've been around a while.

I'm not here saying racism is OK, but like all ugly / silly human behavior (lying, hypocrisy, watching reality TV), we need to accept it and control it.
The Chinese are racist? Indeed, when you call ethnocentrism and xenophobia racism, you end with everything being racism. Same way as for RPG.

The Chinese are not racist, they despize Japanese a lot more than many other different race population. Japanese and Chinese (which is a nationality by the way and a collection of various ethnies) are the same race.
Once again, it is the same RPG can be anything or anyone has never found a fitting definition for RPGs scam.

Newly built countries have seen their society much more shaped by racism than older built countries, which is expected as racism did not exist when certain of these countries developped their societies.
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