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July 13th, 2012, 16:49
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JemyM my friend you need to work on your communication skills, I never can quite understand what you're getting at. But I'm guessing you think most people aren't racist - really? Not even a little bit? Some are more honest with themselves with others I guess.
Yes. According to wikipedia; "Racism is behavior or beliefs motivated by racial stereotypes, it generally includes practices of racial discrimination, and ideologies of racial supremacy and hierarchy. Some sources emphasize that racism involves the belief that different racial groups are characterized by intrinsic characteristics or abilities and that some such groups are therefore naturally superior to others, or follow practices that discriminate against members of particular racial groups, for example by perpetuating unequal access to resources between groups."

Most people do not believe this. Note that simply spotting stark differences isn't racist, racism includes much more, including seeing people with similar appearances as groups, the belief that such groups have unique character traits and the belief that such groups should be treated in a hierarchy where one belongs on top of another.

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