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July 14th, 2012, 12:21
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Xenophobia, ethnocentrism are not racism.

Even though it has to be connected with the RPG definition situation, when everything and anything has to a RPG. So everything and anything can be racism.

The original question posed by the thread starter was if racism was natural and i explained why i thought it was.
The point i was making was that i believe we are pre-programmed to respond with hostility to anything different or foregin wich is where i believe racism starts.

Quote DArtagnan
That's a pretty interesting statement. Do you stand by it, or do you wish to rephrase?

I can rephrase if you like:
The less intelligent or educated an individual is the more likely he/she is to seek out and join a gang/cult/religion/whatever that form a close knit community who view outsiders or spesific groups of outsiders as something less then themselves.
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