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July 14th, 2012, 19:06
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From the research it seems that a more intelligent and educated individual is more likely to be recruited into a cult, if that education is in a subject that isn't about human interaction. Many of the 9/11 guys were engineers and it's not uncommon to find highly educated and intelligent people in these fields.

The psychological reason for this is that high intelligence form overconfidence in ones capacity to make reasonbased decisions and thus the capacity to see through a cult. They are however not aware of the value of experience and they aren't familiar with how their emotions have the capacity to override their reason. This makes them very easy to manipulate. At the same time they are also harder to convince that they are wrong since they are already overconfident is that they are on the right path. Without the experience required to see through the illusions they rational brain makes the illusion very resistant.
Oh, you were doing so well. Post 34 was surprisingly good. And then you fell into your typical ivory tower hoodoo. Allow me to borrow a structure and use it on the self delusion I bolded above:

"People that study are susceptible to programming, but I have studied psychology and therefore I am uniquely resistant to such pitfalls due to the speciailized knowledge I gained."
"People that study are susceptible to programming, but I have studied the Bible and therefore I am uniquely resistant to such pitalls due to the specialized knowledge I gained."

Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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