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July 14th, 2012, 20:17
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Oh, you were doing so well. Post 34 was surprisingly good. And then you fell into your typical ivory tower hoodoo. Allow me to borrow a structure and use it on the self delusion I bolded above:

"People that study are susceptible to programming, but I have studied psychology and therefore I am uniquely resistant to such pitfalls due to the speciailized knowledge I gained."
"People that study are susceptible to programming, but I have studied the Bible and therefore I am uniquely resistant to such pitalls due to the specialized knowledge I gained."
If you knew how disturbing it is to study psychology (you get more and more scared by your own thoughts) you wouldn't even had made this post. One really important question from earlier this year was during a lecture in Social Psychology that dealt with the question whether or not someone aware of the mechanisms have the ability to resist. Some say a blatant no. Others try to plan ahead, they know they will probably not be able to resist so they plan to avoid the situation alltogether or they hope they can create a script that they can lock into and follow when they discover they are in a such situation (which is what I was referring to above, when (or if) you realize you are victim of something like lovebombing, the script say "run" and so you run). No one say that they can resist because they know about social influence and emotional manipulation. To the contrary, when you know how powerful that stuff is you get scared. And that's partially why people hate psychology, people like to feel they are in control.

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