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July 17th, 2012, 05:38
A Stormy Night you make valid arguments and I can't deny that. To me F2P will never catch on till I can get the same experience as a single player RPG. That hasn't happened yet.

Most not all are designed with the need to buy something just to compete and finish. It's the old carrot and stick cliche. So when I hear the game is completely free the little voice in my head goes bullshit.

Solve those two problems and I wouldn't care what model developers use. At least with a small subscription fee you know that your going to get everything.

The perfect MMO game to me was Guild Wars. Buy the expansions and a few non trivial upgrades if you wanted to that's all. No Nickel and Dimming. Lets not forget you are the hero not just a bystander among thousands. Just like a single player RPG.
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