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July 29th, 2012, 02:41
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I assume that your issue that the man should be the head of the family instead of equality for both sexes.
My first issue is that it's wrong. All mammals consists of males and females, saying one is created for the other is like saying the sky is created for the earth. It shows blatant ignorance of nature. What makes it sexist is that it also suggest a hierarchy based on that flawed idea.

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Look at all the countries with equality inthe household they have 50% and over divorce rates, while the countries with men as leaders of the household have 1-2% divorce rates. In the 19th century in Australia(according to an athiest friend of mine) when catholicism was popular they enjoyed low divorce rates too.
I have to ask, did what you just wrote make sense to you or did you just copied/paste this from somewhere? You are speaking about divorce as an argument for inequality? Did you think before posting this?

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In exhange for leadership it says in the bible that the man should love the wife as much as the christ loved the church, ie if it came down to it he should willingly give his life for the wife.
This is the most stupid thing I have heard for quite some time. If you are serious you obviously know nothing about leadership.

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