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July 29th, 2012, 10:37
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It makes perfect sense to me. People divorce because the marriage setup doesnt work.
That claim is based on the flawed assumption that if the couple doesn't divorce it shows that their marriage works. What it really does show is that the couple precieves that staying married works better than divorcing. That might be because they think their marriage actually does work well, but it might also be a question of, for instance, the social consequences of divorcing being so severe that a marriage has to become really, really disfunctional before divorce even starts to become worth it.

To get back to your point that equality leads to divorce, unequality in marriages tends to happen in conservative societies. And concertavite societies also tend to frown on divorce (it's part of the same package, so to speak). From what I've seen marriage equality actually leads to less divorce, since the wives resent their husbands less.


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