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July 29th, 2012, 12:09
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explain something spiritual
This is a contradiction. Explanations is what science does. The spirit cannot be explained, at best it can be expressed through art and poetry. I am spiritual when I reflect on the deeper existential meanings. When I connect with other peoples emotions, share their joy and sorrow there's no room for explanations, we share a spiritual bond that only human beings can have and is more true than any letter.

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the Bible which IS a spiritual book from his purely secular, humanist, atheistic position
No it isn't. First it is a book collection. While some books in it are spiritual Genesis is written to explain the world and establish power structures at the same time. It's scientific (although outdated) and rational (based on insight at that time), not spiritual.

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I refuse to cast pearls before swine which is why I no longer waste my time trying to argue with him.
The reason you do not argue is because you can't. You cannot support a position you haven't reasoned yourself into. You do have a huge investment in what you do so trying to apply reason at this point would most likely lead to a massive loss so you are stuck with cognitive dissonance in which you make up the above excuses to feel that you are still on the right track.

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