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July 30th, 2012, 03:41
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You are as romantic as a doorstop. I actually feel sorry for you, it's like you never experienced love at all.
This is your most obnoxious post yet JemyM, congrats dude. You must have lived a long and diverse life to speak with such authority on these matters.

The key to a successful marriage is that there is no one key to making it work; every relationship is different because every person is so different. In my short 5 years of marriage I've found that communication is a major factor, and sharing the workload is very important, but simply saying "I'll do 50% of the chores" is not practical. Everyone has different strengths and interests, and those will come into play when deciding who does what. And that then leads to the question of whether or not 2 people are "compatible", which will be answered by everyone differently depending on upbringing, culture, etc. It's complicated, and I say that divorce is an option up until the point that the couple decides to have kids. After that, suck it up and do the right thing by your children at all costs!
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