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August 1st, 2012, 01:58
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Isn't this the same unlikely rumor from April, simply recycled in different blogs? Is this person perhaps trying to stir up publicity in the hopes of scaring up some investors?

As far as I understand, Bethesda's internal studios are already quite busy with other projects. Arkane is working on Dishonored, id on DOOM4, Tango on Shinji Mikami's horror project and MachineGames has been working on some project using the idTech5 engine for quite some time. Obviously BGS would be tied up with Skyrim DLC and Fallout 4 for the next few years and ZOS is an MMO developer.

So who would do the work? When Galyonkin mentions Obsidian, it sounds like he is pulling names out of his ass. I imagine they will be busy with the Stick of Truth for the better part of 2013. At any rate, they are primarily an RPG developer, and the previous STALKER games were not exactly RPGs (although I understand there is a PnP game based on Roadside Picnic).
Yes it probably is just like the rumor from April but one thing about rumors is they sometimes come true. Hell I said there never would be another fallout or wasteland game I was proven wrong.

I don't think it will affect Bethesda to hire another development team or even hire another studio. There rich enough.

As for Obsidian making it or another fallout game bring it. They make better rpg games than Bethesda.
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