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August 1st, 2012, 04:26
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Clearly you just don't understand progressive justice.
It's not a case of progressive justice but of a clever defense lawyer getting an unusually attractive deal for their clients and a prosecutor whose decision to make this deal was likely influenced by the various pressures leading them to usually prefer plea bargains over lengthy trials. Those pressures include an over-capacity justice system which generates more cases than it has the resources to fully prosecute as well as the desire on the part of a DA to have an extremely high conviction rate over and above the full and appropriate application of justice.

Its easier to keep your job or run for higher office on a 99% conviction rate and some attorneys will single-mindedly peruse that even if it means those with expensive lawyers may get deals that see justice somewhat denied. Nothing to do with progressive or conservative justice; though it does have a little to do with our politicized state and local justice systems. Statistics you can boil down to a soundbite and run for office on trump doing a good job as is usually the case in politics.

Considering the presence of photo evidence though, the possibility of an overworked or simply lazy attorney's office comes to mind. It's also possible that the decision to accept such a deal was made by someone with a skewed sense of the idea of consent and what constitutes rape - one that differs from the legal definition. Someone who thinks a girl going to a frat party and getting drunk is "asking for it" and therefore shares blame with her attackers might feel like going easy on the defendants.
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