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August 7th, 2012, 06:33
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This is fake, I suppose they are trying to make a jab at the MPAA. I've worked with the MPA and MPAA in the past and have some friends there. It's simply a trade group, like the Chamber of Commerce, Entertainment Software Association or the Internet Association. Obviously any company that is affected by government regulations wants a lobbying group to support their interests.
Yeah funny that they have been caught hacking sites and even arresting people outside there jurisdiction by putting pressure on foreign country's to arrest people.. That is not a lie.

So yeah the video is propaganda and the so called friends you know aren't the ones doing it. But the higher ups are. Just remember they use propaganda also.

There the ones trying to force new bills that are unconstitutional whether we need them or not. The future is changing and they cling to outdated ideas and business models.

Just look at the recent Demonoid torrent site. Hacked by paid hackers then raided as a present to the US. They have been busy lately. Hell even the mega upload case was handled wrong. It's a pr nightmare causing nothing but bad press.

So I guess it's just business as usual since they have money and political backing. I love looking at both sides of a problem and both are going about bringing change wrong.

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