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August 8th, 2012, 23:10
Well personally, I don't believe in rehabilitation of psychopaths. Sure, there may be some that can be saved from themselves, but most are permanently "broken" personalities. One could consider hanging them a mercy killing, pointless revenge for the victims, and a cost savings vs. 10s of years in prison for the rest of their lives.

The first priority should be to protect society from them. This trumps revenge for the victims or anything else, I think. Second priority (for me at least) is not to kill people. "Thou shall not kill" I rather take to heart, though not particularly religious. Catering to the vengefulness (look I just made up a word ) of the victims should come in last, I think. Well near last. Cost would be the last consideration. How a society treats it's misfits, and otherwise damaged individuals is a prime measure of its worth, methinks.
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