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Default Objectivism & the Republican Party?

August 19th, 2012, 01:41
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Well it seems that you don't appreciate or believe in selfless actions, so there really isn't any argument or definition of morality that will satisfy you.
I most definitely appreciate and believe in selfless actions. And I most definitely believe morality has been defined in respect to philosophy and I 100% agree with the definition. But, unlike you, I know what it is and understand it. But, you are correct if you assume that your personal definition of morality would be meaningless to me; just as your personal definition of epistemology or metaphysics would be.

The debates I would be able to have with you would not be worth having for me. I am willing to have low-brow debates my kids because I have a stake in them being able to think, understand, and reason. Also, I would assume my kids are all significantly younger than you and I will not fail them as a parent. I will not inflect upon the world more wastes of resources capable only of bleating and spewing nonsense. Call it a selfless act if you want, and I might almost agree.
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