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August 19th, 2012, 18:13
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Well it seems that you don't appreciate or believe in selfless actions, so there really isn't any argument or definition of morality that will satisfy you.
Rand's entire philosophy revolves around morality. I would say she was intensely moral, perhaps just in a different way than you. To say she preached immorality or was amoral just demonstrates you have never read anything by her. I would caution people against dismissing something that was "dismissed" by critics and academics. She's clearly had an influence on some pretty important people.

It seems that most people that attack Rand like to start by attacking her personal life (as if they really knew her) or by throwing out unsubstantiated claims like they are facts, like that her writing and/or philosophy is amateur. I haven't seen many solid arguments against the ideas. Rand focused a lot on the definition of greed, I think mostly because the word is always thrown around so loosely. I think if it was used more specifically to describe someone that will cheat or somehow abuse another to gain something for themselves, she would never have had a problem with the definition.
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