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August 21st, 2012, 15:44
Freedom of expression for the win, yes, even when it comes to burning korans or things like this. But only if you're truly honest about what you're doing and are willing to share your arguments (yes you need to have them) i dont have a problem with it, at all.

What i do hate is stupid stunts with no valid arguments, you're only doing it to provoke and you're not willing to defend yourself. An example would be Madonna who in her show shows (on a large screen) a swastika together with french politician Marine Le Pen. But she didnt dare to show the nazi swastika, thus she's saying "well ok i know this comparison is wrong and all but i'm probably gonna get away with it anways because it's not the nazi swastika, so ha!". That's sooo wrong and foul.

And the race thing? Really? He's the president of the united states and people still can't see beyond the race aspect? Is that all he is, and represents, a black man? fucking people..

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