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Default Are we screwing our kids over with our one size fits a all education?

August 22nd, 2012, 02:24
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Considering their job is to teach children that sounds like a rather serious competence gap.

Considering the amount of kids who don't get those things from other places, that sounds like a major design flaw. Especially since school are the ideal place for kids to learn those things. They need to be prepped, but to learn how to treat other pepole you need other pepole to train on, which you'll get in school. And to learn how to learn you need teaching from someone who knows - and not all parents know that.

Übereil, who's heard Swedish class sizes are nearing 35 students per class
First of all no one needs to learn how to learn. Children start learning at birth and some studies would say before that, such as benefits from reading or singing to children while they are in the womb.

Children should already have basic social skills before entering school by interacting with other children( cousins,friends,siblings,etc) it's the parents job to ensure this happens. Also most people don't parent in a vacuum you have grandmas,grandpas,aunts,uncles and so on that contribute but the responsibilities falls squarely on the parents to ensure the child is being brought up with the right social skills and values.

Now whether all parents are equipped to do that is a whole other story.
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