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August 22nd, 2012, 08:41
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Hey you're right, those lazy teachers should be spending their spare time studying child psychology.
What spare time? The spare time they now spend planning tomorrow's lessons and correcting school work?

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School starts at 5 years of age here - too late.
Due to how children develop there's no point starting school earlier.

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And again, teachers are there to teach. If little Johnny is a biter then the teacher does not have the time or training to deal with it.
…and thus fails at his/her job.

If what you're saying is true we ought to ensure teachers have training that fits their tasks and time enough to preform all of them. Because the consequence of them not having the training and time to deal with kids that bite other kids is that they'll have to neglect other things to sort out the biting kid problem (many other things since their lack of training ensures they'll do a poor job of sorting it out).

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First of all no one needs to learn how to learn. Children start learning at birth and some studies would say before that, such as benefits from reading or singing to children while they are in the womb.
Learning in school and learning from parents are two different games which require different things from the kid. You rarely have to sit down and listen to your parents lecturing to you for long periods of time, you also rarely get a textbook with theoretical tasks which you have to do one at a time in a row, all while getting breaks when others say you're allowed to, not when you want one yourself.

In short, academic studies is different from many other things and to be successfull at it you need to build different sets of habits. This is unlikely to be done spontaneously.

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Now whether all parents are equipped to do that is a whole other story.
Well, they're obviously not, otherwise children would learn those things. So, like JemyM said, you can talk about what parents' responsibilites are until you're blue in the face, it's not going to change anything, really. If you want change, you need to figure out what's causing parents not to do the work you expect of them and fix that. If you don't do that you can safely assume that the problem will continue.

Also, all those pepole you claimed were to help out? They're disappearing from the childrens' lives. Society really is moving towards raising kids in vacuums. Which is a problem in itself, I think.


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