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August 23rd, 2012, 14:20
Alrik, that scenario is wrong as I live in the country where children with all types of dyslexia are mixed with those who can read/write/calculate normally. Bullying? Nah. Those kids simply "feel" they don't belong, build enormous amount of frustration and rage over the years of schooling but are actually very intelligent as they early compare themselves with others and conclude/speculate that they're in fact - stupid. The problem is - they cannot express themselves well enough within today's education standards.

Back then when I was just a kid I was not aware that some kids in my class have this problem and it was me also who thought they're plain stupid. Today one of my best friends has such dyslexia that after reading only one page in the book he stops as by his own words his head fells like it'll explode. But his logic and ideas are extraordinary. I'm not saying he's dyslectic genius, but I bet he wouldn't be frustrated so much if he wasn't in the same class with children who didn't have the problem. In his case, "the competition" was unfair.
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