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August 23rd, 2012, 16:00
Meanwhile browsing through a thread in "Crystal's DSA Foren" containing regarding the NLT, I have followed a few of them, and repost them here :

- Interview with Guido Henkel :…nterview_id=23

- Horror novels written by Guido Henkel :

- Realms Of Arcania ( = NLT ) mailing list :

- Translator of the first two Realms Of Arcania games ? :

- An overview over the last game :

- From Crystal's DSA-Foren : The required points for levelling up : As you can see, the German and the English-language games have different values there :

- Realms Of Arcania in Russian language ?

- A story of playing Realms Of Arcania :…ic,2365.0.html

As it turned out, there seem to exist different language versions for ROA games as well. Someone in the forums of Crystal reported buying a Spanish-language version. Moby Games lists titles for other languages as well.
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