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August 23rd, 2012, 21:08
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So politicians don't deserve to be insulted by strangers on an internet forum because they can't defend themselves but it would be ok to insult DTEs children because they wouldn't be harmed by it?
Exactly how much do you think that insults on the internet affect your average politician? Probably about as much as insulting DTEs children will affect them. Actually, probably less.
And yes, politicians made a choice to publicly state their view knowing that not everyone agrees with them, knowing that some of those people will be vocal about it, and knowing that some of them will be assholes. If they couldn't foresee that someone would talk shit about them somewhere then they are probably to stupid to be in politics in the first place.
You don't see anything wrong with your reasoning here?

(I'm not taking any sides on that other thread, don't want to stick my head in to that can of worms.)
Could you point out where I'm saying it's ok to insult his children?
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