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August 24th, 2012, 12:51
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The education system is obsolete because it is an information based education system in an era where information is cheap and free. The education system needs to move to a skills based education system, so instead of learning about history and geography (stuff they can look up by themselves) children need to be taught how to research and analyse information for themselves (like in journals and not wikipedia), the ability to think, to communicate effectively (VERRRY important these days), to lead when required, to manage, to be creative. At the moment, high school education is only useful as a means to get into University. In other words it's a big fat waste of time because nobody learns anything useful there.
In essence I agree, but as an information provider schools also presents valuable information in a compressed format, most of which you do not figure out is important until you learned it.

Much of our comprehension is based on the knowledge we have so having knowledge improves comprehension. But if we do not first have the knowledge we cannot comprehend why it improves our comprehension.

Learning is slow at first but the more you know the faster you expand, so without the foundation given by schools, the ability to seek out your own information doesn't really help since you do not know what you are looking for.

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