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August 24th, 2012, 20:00
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The education system is obsolete because it is an information based education system in an era where information is cheap and free. The education system needs to move to a skills based education system, so instead of learning about history and geography (stuff they can look up by themselves) children need to be taught how to research and analyse information for themselves (like in journals and not wikipedia), the ability to think, to communicate effectively (VERRRY important these days), to lead when required, to manage, to be creative. At the moment, high school education is only useful as a means to get into University. In other words it's a big fat waste of time because nobody learns anything useful there.
Hey, that's sound like the Danish system - sort of.

In lower secondary schoool and also higher secondary school, the students are encoruaged to think for themselves, to do research and to make their own conclusion based on the information they've analysed - provided from either their teacher or themselves due to their research.

For instance, I have taught history to 7th graders in a school in Denmark, their assignment was to find out what people dressed like in the 13rd century, how the monks lived, did they have pets and animals and if so, how many. This encourage students to analyse information for themselves; I'll also have taught them how to present this information say in a power point presentation etc.

In Denmark, schools starts at age 6, the children then go into a kindergartenclass where they'll learn something like half the time and learn how to behave in school etc. the other half of the time.

Of course, students also need to be taught in a more traditionel sense, e.g. it is very hard to learn the periodic table other than memorize it (I think) or to learn verbs like to break broke has broken or sing sang has sung without students learning this by heart. I always tell my students that they have to learn this because there are no rules and they cannot look them up - or they can - but in a real situation where they'll need to use them, it'll look rather stupid that they say 'pardon me, mam, I need to check my dictonary'. Certain things in the communication go better if they're learned by heart - or are on the backbone or spine as we say in Denmark.

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