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August 25th, 2012, 01:34
Originally Posted by Corwin
Drae, You are wrong on all counts. There is much which is useful that can be learned at all levels of schooling. Subjects like history, for example, become a tool whereby skills such as how to research and analyse can be learned and applied.
Skills cannot be learned without also researching and studying a subject, but that subject should be up to the individual. The vast majority of all school takers will forget everything they learned in history a year or two after they leave school. It will also not be useful in their lives. Therefore the time spent studying it was nothing more than a waste of time. Why should a student be forced to learn things which are useless to them? It's extremely inefficient. Spending 6-12 years throwing information at kids only for the majority of that information to be forgotten and ignored is an example of one of the most inefficient systems in place in the modern world.

Schools need to focus on skills which would be useful to EVERYONE and not specific information which is only useful to a few.

Originally Posted by JennyM
In essence I agree, but as an information provider schools also presents valuable information in a compressed format, most of which you do not figure out is important until you learned it.
What information is this ? I never learnt unexpectedly important information when I was at school. Maybe I missed out *shrugs*

Originally Posted by JennyM
Learning is slow at first but the more you know the faster you expand, so without the foundation given by schools, the ability to seek out your own information doesn't really help since you do not know what you are looking for.
You make it seem like School's possess this secret information which when given to children will enable them to grow and learn by themselves but without which they will be lost and confused. I remember talking to some computer programmer mates of mine in Uni, according to him the students who did the best at Uni were the ones who reached Uni already experienced computer coders. One of my mates said there was a dude in the class who knew more about the programming language they were studying than their class tutor.

They didn't learn that at school, they learnt it by themselves because they were interested and did their own study. The idea that school's give students a critical foundation without which the student will be lost is not right. Definately not right. The only critical foundation schools give children is the ability to read.

It is much more important for students to able to THINK and RESEARCH for themselves.

Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
On the one hand you say that schools are obsolete and on the other hand you say that children need to be taught
I said schools are obsolete BECAUSE the education system is an information based system. I said that children need to be taught SKILLS and not just have information thrown at them.

Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
Examples of what is *not* information is music, for example. Who teaches to play an instrument ? Is this really "free and cheap" information you can researxch via the internet ? And who on the internet says to you if you have played the instrument correctly ? Have you ever tried to hit the right note by playing a violine ? Is this really "information" ? Trying to get out the "real notes" on a violine through trial and error ? And who teaches people the use of their ears to spot the notes within a song ? Because listening - listening so that one is able to distinguish the one note from the other - must be learned … How should this be able to perfom this "listening learning" through "information" alone ? - same goes for painting. Can I learn to become a good painter through "information" alone ? Is "the internet" able to teach me the appropriate techniques to paint a naturalistic landscape piece ?
You don't learn music at school. Sure, you take a music class but the class is pointless and everyone who takes it can already play an instrument, or sing. Painting isn't learned at school either. You can take an arts class but again…

You learn these things outside of school. You learn very little that is important at school, actually.
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