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August 26th, 2012, 06:33
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Hey, I don't believe in one size fits all education, and I do know that people learn differently. However, to say that school is a total waste of time cannot go unchallenged. It may be for YOU, but not for everyone.
It's not about learning differently, it's all about outcomes and results. The information acquired in school will benefit you little in life (little bits here and there, nothing to justify 12 years of formal schooling though) unless you plan to go to University, in which case the stuff you learn at school will benefit you only as a tool to get into University. It's useful for nothing else and is therefore a waste of time. Furthermore, information being cheap and widespread these days means that people no longer care about what somebody knows. As someone famously put it "it's all about what you can do with what you know"

The concept of 'education' needs to be updated. The fundamental goal of education and the methods to go about it havn't been changed in thousands of years. In that period of time, information has gone from a guarded resource known only by a few to a free commodity. The world is a very different place and it has made the education system useless. You'd be better home schooling your child but unfortunately your children may suffer socially from it.

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We do learn music here at school. I do even know personally a few people from my own school time who had music as one of their Abitur subjects.

The greatest part, however, of learning music is being taught in both public and private "Music Schools".

The basics of music (and easy instruments) are taught at school, but learning real instruments usually takes place in those music schools. That's how I had learned the guitar, too.
I wasn't really talking about music schools. I was kinda talking about general schools where they teach the basics. Music schools I can understand, and if you want to learn music it seems like the way to go.
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